Meet your Money Mindset Coach

Anita Mae Aguilar

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

You are not reading this by accident. My name is Anita Aguilar, I am the host the Makeup Mentor Podcast, a Manifesting Expert and a Money Mindset Coach. 

I used to be called the friend "who could never figure out what they wanted to do with their life" that jumped from job to job. 

BELIEVE me when I said I have had every single SIDE HUSTLE there is to "make money",

Lyft driver,

Postmates Driver,

Airbnb Host,


Painted HOUSES for a mexican guy Carlos Jose, (that was fun lol)

but for "some reason" I could never get ahead. 

I took a HUGE turn in my life once I became aware of The Law of Attraction, and how I could use the Universal law to my advantage. 

Long story short, I invested over $21,000 into my mindset ( yes you've read that right) 

Left jobs that were no longer serving me to pursue a Full time Career as a Freelance Makeup Artist. 

and now I am sharing the basics of this powerful technique with you, so you TOO can be an expert in manifesting money and TEACH others to do the same. 

Commonly asked Questions

  • "How long is it?"

    You will have access to the pre-recorded audio. 15 mins every day for 3 days.

  • "I am new to Manifesting, where do I start?"

    I created this intro course for those who are just now becoming AWARE of how powerful your mind is when it comes to attracting abundance. This is just the tip of the Iceberg.

  • "How Much is it?"

    The intro course is $33.33, once you complete day 3, send us a review / testimony you will be approved to become an affiliate for the program and earn $20 for every person you refer.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro, what is manifesting?

    • Intro, Money Mindset Coach

    • Before we start, Go over the Basics!

    • DAY ONE- Money Goal

    • DAY TWO- Becoming a Vibrational Match

    • DAY THREE- Taking Aligned Action


Keep Money Manifesting on Autopilot

  • $33.33

    $33.33Manifesting Money Workshop

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  • $333.00

    $333.0031 Days of Abundance

    "How to keep Money Manifesting on Autopilot"
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